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Want to live, work, or study in New Zealand? Need a highly-qualified, experienced and trustworthy immigration adviser in New Zealand to assist you in getting a New Zealand visa and take out all worries and stress connected with the procedure? Zenith Immigration Solutions is ready to serve you. We are licensed NZ immigration advisers trusted by clients from all over the world. We efficiently handle a wide range of immigration matters. Whether you intend to apply for a work, student, residence, or family visa or need professional help concerning a declined visa issues, we are the best immigration adviser in to turn to.

We handle complicated immigration matters including Section 61 Requests, Tribunal Appeals for Residence and Humanitarian grounds, Special Direction Requests to the Minister of Immigration, Responding to PPIs, Health and Character Concerns, and Reconsideration Requests to the Declined Visas. 


It is a requirement for a New Zealand Immigration Adviser to be Licensed by Immigration Advisers Authority. As Licensed Immigration Adviser firm, we have to abide by the code of conduct set by IAA. We provide valuable immigration advice in a transparent and ethical way. We are the most trusted immigration advisers Auckland and Christchurch has to offer. You can count on us to provide you with the best solution for all your New Zealand Immigration and Visa needs. Whether you are looking for an immigration Lawyer or Immigration Adviser, we are here to help you in your New Zealand immigration journey.

We assist clients with the New Zealand Immigration advice from all over New Zealand. 



Your Reliable Immigration Adviser in Auckland

We pride in providing ethical and excellent customer service. Find the best possible solution to your immigration issues together with a highly-qualified immigration adviser. Let us save your time and effort by acting on your behalf when it comes to the visa application, reconsideration, section 61 request, appeal, and other routine and complex immigration matters.


  • Experience, Knowledge and Expertise

  • Helping you to plan ahead

  • Careful review of your personal circumstances

  • A professional and efficient service.

  • Comprehensive assessment of your eligibility.

  • A detailed explanation of best visa options for you.

  • Analysis of potential barriers or problems in your visa process.

  • Transparent, honest and correct immigration advice.

  • The best value for your money.

  • Advice on your eligibility based on your qualifications, experience and job offered by the employer.

  • Help with the visa application.

  • Communication with INZ on your behalf.

Why Choose us

Undoubtedly, looking for an immigration advisor, you want to find a real expert whom you can fully trust due to professionalism and devotion to clients. The good news is that you don’t have to search further. Zenith Immigration Solutions stands out among the rest, both for our competence and client-centred approach. We are proud of our committed customer service record. We are highly recommended by our happy clients.

Immigration Journey


With You Throughout Your Immigration Journey

Our clients trust us throughout the visa process and keep getting updated information about the policies and eligibility for further visa options. We are an immigration adviser who always provides personalised, honest, and genuine advice. The information shared is always confidential and is used only in case assessment. We work to promote our clients best interests with full support and the right advice.

Guidance and Support


Guidance and Support

We will help you with determining the required documents and preparing your paperwork. Some of you might be looking for some advice, others might be seeking some knowledge about the requirements and the visa process and might be looking for somebody to oversee the process, while others might be looking for somebody to give them complete support and detailed guidance. We can assist you in all cases.

Personalised and Expert Service


Personalised and Expert Service

We are expert at what we do. We always have updated information about immigration law and policies. We help you by informing you about all the possible options available to you according to your situation. You decide the best option for yourself. We will be with you throughout your application process by providing you objective, honest and correct immigration advice.

Efficient Services at Right Price


Efficient Services at Right Price

We can communicate with Immigration New Zealand on your behalf. With our professional service, we make sure that you are regularly updated about your application status and that you meet deadlines by providing the required documents to us. We can give you the right package and price, which is suitable according to your circumstances.

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Zenith Immigration Solutions

A licensed immigration adviser successfully dealing with immigration issues of any complexity

Providing You with the Best Chance of Success


We provide you with the best chance of success by evaluating your case, anticipating issues, designing solutions to your complicated problems and eliminating confusion.


When you retain us as your immigration advisers, you benefit from our experience, training, and knowledge of the latest changes to the immigration law.


Competency Standards


We meet and exceed Immigration Advisers competency standards. We conduct our business professionally, ethically, and responsibly with a commitment to continuing professional development.


The advice you get is based on the knowledge of New Zealand immigration law and immigration and operational instructions.


Code of Conduct


We uphold the service standards to provide the right client care, including maintaining a relationship of confidence and trust with the client.


We are considerate and sensitive to your needs by acknowledging your cultural norms and values.


We ensure that any fees charged are fair and reasonable in the circumstances. We charge a one time fee with no hidden charges and work in a manner that does not unnecessarily increase fees.

Our Immigration Consultancy Services

Our immigration services are aimed at the complete satisfaction of our clients’ needs. They are professional and timely. Besides, they are quite affordable and won’t ruin your family budget. We charge a reasonable fee for all our services. However, all of our services include the following:

Expert Advice

Providing you with the expert and correct advice

Careful Review

A careful review of your personal circumstances

Factors for Visa

Explaining the factors which might affect visa outcome

No hidden costs

No hidden costs. One-off fee.

Don't leave your visa outcome to chance. Plan ahead with the right guidance of the expert immigration adviser.

Licensed Immigration Adviser


Sukhpreet Kaur

Sukhpreet Kaur started her career as a Lecturer before starting to work as a Licensed Immigration Adviser. 

Sukhpreet has extensive experience in immigration industry and has handled complex cases including Section 61, Special Directions, Reconsideration of a declined visa and Tribunal Appeals. She is devoted and committed to her work. 





We are proud to be a full NZAMI member and provide our services according to the highest standards the membership requires.

What Can You Expect from NZAMI Members?

It is now law in New Zealand that all immigration advisers giving advice in New Zealand should be licensed by the regulatory body called the Immigration Advisers Authority unless they are exempt. Licensed advisers must show that they are thoroughly competent to represent you, and they must keep their knowledge of immigration policy and procedure up to date by attending Professional Development seminars regularly.

Quality Service from NZAMI Members

All our full members are licensed to give you clear professional advice with your needs in mind and prepare correct documentation which follows all government requirements. They are also able to give you advice and information on settlement matters and are supported by our Associate members who provide settlement services.



What Clients Say About Our Immigration Adviser Service?

We are a worldwide recognised immigration adviser Auckland and Christchurch, whose knowledge and skill are appreciated by thousands of clients. Please take the time to find out what our happy clients say about the level of our services to make sure that we are the very immigration adviser or immigration consultant you need.

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