Partnership Visa Updates


Assessing visitor visa applications for people who do not meet partnership criteria

People seeking to travel to New Zealand to join a partner, but who have not lived with that partner or who cannot demonstrate the partnership is stable, do not need to apply for a partnership-based visa when they do not believe they meet relevant immigration instructions. Depending on their circumstances, they may apply for a different visa - shown in the above table. 

Kindly note - Culturally arranged marriage is follows an identified and recognised cultural tradition where the arrangements for the marriage, including facilitation of the initial selection of the persons to be married, are made by persons who are NOT parties to the marriage. 
For example, if the partners met, decided to get married and then the families got involved followed by a traditional wedding, this is NOT a culturally arranged marriage. 

The focus will be on assessing whether the applicant is a bona fide applicant. This includes assessing the applicant’s home ties and strength of the relationship. 

The focus of the application must be on establishing the strength of the relationship between the applicant and the supporting partner.